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Who We Are

Togo excels in crafting and implementing tailored supply chain solutions, services, and resources to drive client success. With over 75 years of expertise, top-notch tools, and a vast vendor network, Togo empowers you to devise and execute effective supply chain strategies across the globe.

Who We Serve

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What We Do


Our team of specialists enables our clients to make the best supply chain decisions utilizing a thorough process and data analytics.


Leveraging over 75+ years of experience across the supply chain our engineers will construct strategic programs collaboratively with the client.


We believe in building solutions that are actionable and attainable, our solutions can be enhanced by introducing you directly to the right vendors in addition to your existing network.


For those clients that require increased operational bandwidth and expertise, we will provide managed services and fractional leadership/support.

Trusted Globally

"Togo saved me a ton of time and money while creating a path to the most impactful solution. In addition to executing the analysis and design required to generate the best supply chain strategy, they introduced us directly to vendors and suppliers that made it come to life. It's great having a company like Togo in your corner to bounce problems and ideas off of without having to pay a consultant per hour. They have vital industry experience and connections that I can pull from before determining where to allocate my resources, and when in a bind, they can execute the strategy on my behalf so I can protect my teams operational bandwidth and maintain a lean profile."

Mike Walsh

Giumarra Companies

"Our organization is growing quickly and we needed a full-service 3PL with a facility on the east coast to store and distribute at the pallet and case level. The Togo team had been a part of my network for a while at that point and I had decided to include them in the search for the right provider. The team gathered a complete understanding of the project scope and desired outcome and lined up providers that met those requirements. Togo then introduced me directly to one of the 3PL’s and scheduled a tour of their facility. Not long after, we began moving all of our product to this 3PL and have developed a custom program that exceeds our expectations. The best part is, Togo didn’t cost me a dime!"

Michael Weiss


"Togo stepped up when we needed them! One of my oldest clients was planning a new +-100,000 SF facility to support their growing manufacturing business and several east coast locations were under consideration. Site selection required a supply chain analysis for these locations on a very tight timeline. Togo mobilized quickly to provide labor and wage analysis, including accessibility of skilled and unskilled labor, and hourly wage comparisons by location. This was bundled with a detailed breakdown of logistics costs for ocean, drayage, and surface transportation by location. The data was presented in a clear and concise format that helped us make an educated decision on the best location to site this facility. Their process and proprietary data sets them apart from their competition and added real value for me and my client."

David Ricci

Flynn Company

"As new company, just a few years old, we needed supply chain expertise and support to get our product to market in a cost-effective manner. We had most of our resources focused on product development, marketing, sales, and finance, with little support for supply chain and logistics. The Togo team prepared a plan to analyze our current supply chain and design the most effective model to meet our customers’ needs and at the right price. One the strategy was approved, Togo engaged new and existing vendors including ocean carriers, drayage providers, warehousing, and transportation partners to bring the strategy into action. After all the puzzle pieces were put into place, we still needed operational support to manage the operation. Togo stepped in there as well by providing fractional operations and supply chain leadership so we could focus our energy elsewhere. This saved us a great deal of time and money as we did not have to hire for supply chain and logistics personnel while maintaining strategic control of our process. Togo its literally a part of our team and are growing the business together every year!"

Elizabeth Ackmann

Low Tides Ocean Products

"As a shipper with an unpredictable supply chain it is imperative that we have partners who are experienced, agile, and problem solvers. The Togo team has been an extension of my team for years now and have solved for some of the biggest challenges we have faced. Their network and expertise have enabled The Fruitist to grow our business at a competitive price point into major retailers across the country. Instead of investing a great deal of time money and energy into our supply chain, we've been able to invest in sales, marketing, and product development while leveraging the Togo crew as our supply chain control center. Togo doesn’t wait for us to bring them the problems that need solving. Instead, they are thinking ahead and bringing solutions that will sharpen our competitive edge in the marketplace. I would strongly recommend aligning with Jordan and his team."

Brian Haley

The Fruitist

"In the world of racing, every second counts. Juggling repairs, customer demands, and tight deadlines leaves little room for logistical headaches. Finding the right parts fast, especially under pressure, used to be a constant worry. Ed and his team at Togo were the experts we never knew we needed. They don't just handle logistics; they understand the unique challenges of our business. Togo streamlined our logistics, helping us choose the right provider to balance speed and risk plus freeing us up to run our business. Now, thanks to Togo, we can focus on winning races."

George Carr

Arnage Motorsports

"As a rapidly expanding company in a competitive market, establishing a sustainable and profitable supply chain presented significant challenges. Initially, we struggled with achieving the necessary cost of goods sold due to our lack of scale. Additionally, finding reliable repack partners, packaging suppliers, and distribution networks capable of reaching Whole Foods DCs proved difficult.

This is where Togo, with its comprehensive Integrated Supply Chain service portfolio, stepped in to transform our operations. The Togo team began by crafting a visionary future state for our supply chain. Leveraging their extensive network, they efficiently filled our critical gaps by sourcing the right partners.

Togo didn't just stop at planning; they actively managed the execution of the strategy. This included overseeing vendor communications, inventory management, procurement, transportation, and managing our repacking operations. Their ongoing efforts have continuously introduced new strategies and resources that not only reduce our COGs but also enhance our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Alex and the Togo team have been indispensable to our growth. Their innovative approach and comprehensive toolset have proven to be invaluable, and I believe they could significantly benefit other businesses aiming for success in challenging markets."

Tyler Fitzgerald


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